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    Jiangsu Weier Metal Co.,Ltd

    Tel: +(86)-514-87132158,+(86)-515-85926899

    E-mail: shenmengmei@weiermetal.com


    Address: Qin Pu Industrial Zone, QinDong Town, DongTai City, Jiangsu Province, China

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    Marketing Specialist 1 person

    City: Dongtai, Jiangsu Province


    1. Domestic and international market analysis, assisting sales team to expand market & build co. image.

    2. Collect solar industry market & competitor information, making research & analysis for sales team.

    3. Book booth in domestic and overseas exhibitions, independently following booth design, building and realizing exhibition promotion activities.

    4. Update company's Web site & release co. newest news.

    5. Design & update company product catalogue, flyer. 

    6. Design & release advertisement in magazine, website, exhibition and other media.

    7. Design market promotion activities, customer gift planning and preparation.

    8. Other work assignments according to co.’s arrangement.



    1. 3 years working experience in marketing. Photovoltaic industry related work experience is preferred.

    2. Fluent English (CET6 and above), excellent writing skills;

    3. Good teamwork spirit, good ability in communication and coordination.

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