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    Jiangsu Weier Metal Co.,Ltd

    Tel: +(86)-514-87132158,+(86)-515-85926899

    E-mail: shenmengmei@weiermetal.com


    Address: Qin Pu Industrial Zone, QinDong Town, DongTai City, Jiangsu Province, China

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    Sales Representative/Surpervisor 3-5 persons

    City: Dongtai, Jiangsu Province


    1. Develop overseas solar market, looking for potential customers & orders, achieving sales target.

    2. Analyze solar market and competitors, adjusting sales methods & channels.

    3. Business negotiation with foreign clients, project following until contract got signed.

    4. Following up orders production, delivery & payment collection.

    5. After-sales service work.



    1. Strong ability in developing market & clients.

    2. Strong ability in communication, analysis, evaluation & problem solving.

    3. Bachelor degree or above, preferably majoring in Sales & Marketing, Business, International Trade, Mechanics, etc.
    4. 2years or above experience in PV products industry

    5. Ability to work independently, accepting frequent business trips
    9. Flexible and stress resistant
    10. Good English skills (written/oral) 

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