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    While supplying customized optimized mounting solutions, our professional engineering team also dedicates to help clients to increase solar output, reduce system procurement cost, installation time & project area.

    Following will show our versatile designs on ground mounting system, ingenious roof mounting system fit to various roof shape and base material, more power generation’s tracking system.

    Ground Mounting System

    ● Used for MW large scale solar plant or solar park
    ● Fixed or adjustable tilt angle
    ● Screw, concrete or pile-driven foundation
    ● Easy & quick installation
    ● Cost effective

    Roof Mounting System

    ● Used for large industrial, commercial rooftop or individual rooftop
    ● Metal, concrete or tile roof in different shape

    Tracking System

    ● Single or Dual Axles
    ● More power generation than fixed system


    ● Self produce ground screw

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